We help create profitable, user-friendly products

We offer CX/UX and marketing research, UX/UI design for mobile apps, desktop programs and websites. Working together with your product teams we create efficient product and boost the team's performance. We assist in becoming more client-centric and data-driven.

Research & Design laboratory

We are highly-skilled professionals in the fields of research and product design, with work experience at major companies such as Alfa Bank, SBER, Kaspi, Yandex, Ozon, Avito, and Kazdream. Our expertise encompasses product creation for small, medium, and large businesses, complexly structured product for b2b/b2g companies, and entertaining b2c solutions. We have been in the IT industry for over 15 years, and many of us have technical and psychological degrees.

How user-friendly is my product? Is the idea viable? Where should the product go further?

We employ scientific research methods such as CJM, JTBD, Kano, Personas, Competitor Analysis, Usability-testing, SUS/SUM, NPS, CSAT, AARRR, Fakedoor, and several others, to enhance the user and customer experience.

CX/UX/UI Design
We'll create not just beautiful, but an effective user interface

We'll consider the needs of your audience through the lens of business goals and strategy. We'll create an interactive prototype and a design system to maintain a consistent style and flexible scaling.

Focus on the development of your business

We can provide turnkey solutions or offer qualified specialists who will integrate into your in-house team and help achieve results.

CX/UX/Market-researcher-analyst, Product designer, UX/UI designer, Graphic designer, Product analyst, Design manager, UX writer.

We'll educate designers, researchers, and top management

We'll pass on expertise to your top management, product, CX/UX, and design teams. Online or at your location.

For marketing, CX, UX, and EX research

A platform for conducting UX studies, usability tests, surveys, and measuring NPS/VoC/CSI. Logging of moderated tests (speech2text), notes, time-codes. We'll teach for free.

We are open to collaboration!

  • Joint conferences
  • We'll conduct a Design-sprint
  • We'll facilitate a design-thinking session
  • Training programs
  • Subcontracting
  • Knowledge exchange
Our passion is to develop products and see how well they address people's issues. What we achieved in 1 year 👇
  • 50+
    Successful projects in improving CX/UX/UI of digital products
  • 20+
    Satisfied corporations and startups among our partners
  • 30+
    Specialized expert practitioners.
How to establish UX in a company and where to start?

Our contribution to community ❤️

Annual Conference
News and trends in product design and research in Kazakhstan over the past year. Growth cases were shared by Usabilitylab Kazakhstan, Mycar.kz, Kolesa.kz, Altel, Red_mad_robot Central Asia and Kaztour.
We aim to make quality knowledge to be accessible to everyone.
Interview for er10.kz
Digitization of Kazakhstan, increasing competition, and talent shortage, local universities don't teach UX.
Why is this important? What distinguishes companies at different levels? Where to start and how? Examples of other design maturity models.
Telegram Channel
Event announcements, useful materials about applied design and analytics, perception psychology, and a bit about the future.
Annual Conference
12 invited experts from Kolesa Group (Kolesa, Krisha, Market), MyCar.kz, Chocofamily Holding, red_mad_robot central asia, Magnum Cash&Carry, Alfabank Kazakhstan, Russian Usability Laboratory (usabilitylab.ru) share their cases.
Baltabek Bekenov, CEO Usabilitylab Kazakhstan
User experience is the main product of digital product developers. The success of a product depends on how well the user's task is addressed, as it affects whether the client will return to the product and recommend it to others or not.
We have already helped:
E-commerce, banks, telecoms, finance, tourism, public sector, insurance, real estate, and education.